From Paisley to Paisley

The world-renowned Paisley pattern is very close to our hearts. Situated less than a mile from our office, Paisley textile mills became well known for being the foremost producers of the distinctive Kashmir pattern that everybody recognises.

The Paisley mills and textile weavers were chosen because they had the technical expertise and the technical skills to produce high quality woollen shawls. These shawls were a la mode at the time and had become a symbol of prosperity by the late 18th century.

This put Paisley on the map and over time, technological evolution provided them with hand looms that allowed them to replicate the Kashmir pattern in as many as five colours, such as red, gold, pink, green and more. This set Paisley apart as the only place in the world that could create the woollen items to the highest standard, in the most exotic representation possible.

The Paisley Thread Museum gives an interesting insight into the social and industrial history of the surrounding mills. Although it is closed for the moment, we look forward to visiting again soon when it is able to reopen its doors.

We have five Paisley mask patterns for you to choose from. They are all fully adjustable, breathable and come with a nose wire. Have a browse and let us know what you think!


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