At Heritage Traditions we don’t believe in fast fashion. Each and every one of our products is painstakingly designed to be beautiful and durable while still affordable. While rooted in British Tradition and design, all of our hats, scarves, gloves, and everything else are sourced and manufactured using modern techniques and materials to minimise our environmental impact. Our wool is sustainably sourced in Mongolia. We made the decision to have our pure wool products manufactured there to reduce the carbon footprint of transporting large quantities of raw material. We try to mitigate our use of cotton and where we can’t, we blend with synthetic materials to keep our collections comfortable, but sustainable. For 2022 we have introduced ‘recycled polyester’ for our beanie hats, without compromising on style.

All of our packaging is environmentally conscious. We use natural recycled card where possible and have removed plastic coatings from swing tickets and packaging making it easier for our customers to recycle at home.

In the past few years, we have reduced the amount of plastic we use by over 70%, removing unnecessary packaging and switching to alternative paper based options where possible. This year we are investing in equipment to allow us to commercially recycle any plastic and card waste we do have.

We know we have big steps to go in terms of sustainability, but we really do care and work closely with all our suppliers to continue making improvements to how we impact the planet each and every day.